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Still Waiting…

Saturday, April 19th, 2008

Well, everyone and their brother has been asking. And no, we’re still the two of us. The due date came and went on Thursday. We’ve been scheduled for an induction on this coming Thursday, so at least we know that date unless it gets postponed due to lots of emergency deliveries (although we’d rather avoid Kirsten being induced).

I keep suggesting to Kirsten that she could write a nice blog post reflecting on the experience of waiting and how the creation is groaning and the kingdom is still coming. She just gets impatient with me.

And while Kirsten’s been walking everyday to try getting labour started, she took today off, with the -11 temperature and 10cm of snow we’ve gotten in the last 24 hours (plus another 15 cm to come tonight). I went running this morning through waist-high drifts with some crazy friends of mine. Ah, spring in Alberta.

Anyhow we’ll try to keep you posted (pun intended), and thank you for thinking and praying for us.

Steve and Kirsten

Almost ready!

Tuesday, April 8th, 2008

Rock on. We’ve got a real live blog to keep you informed about the upcoming birth and life of the newest Waldschmidt… Baby’s due April 17, doc thinks he’ll come sooner than that. Kirsten started her maternity leave today and Steve barbequed steak for dinner (gotta keep up to K’s protein & iron needs).

Check out these shots at 9 months gestation:


Kirsten checking out her tummy.

Kirsten checking out her tummy.


Kirsten the happy mom to be.

Kirsten the happy mom to be.


A shot at our church’s CO-ED baby shower last weekend. Wow, is our community generous!

Co-ed baby shower.


One more of Kirsten, beautifully great with child.

Beautifully great with child.


So it’s been a bit of a blur, these last couple months. Kirsten’s been thriving in her position as one of the pastors at Hope Community Covenant Church, in spite of swollen, painful feet. It was a challenge to wrap things up and hand her responsibilities over to others in the last couple weeks, but she’s made it! She preached on Easter and the following week, while the other pastor was leading a team to Haut-Limbe, Haiti, got a bit breathless by the end of those messages, but she really shone, even pan fried a salmon while preaching the Sunday after Easter (listen to it here, click on the MP3 called “Come and Eat Breakfast”).

Steve’s been involved in all sorts of stuff: Co-created and directed a new play called HOCKEY DAD: A PLAY IN 3 PERIODS in February with burnt thicket theatre. Taught a theatre design class and rebuilt a website for Rosebud School of the Arts. Got cast as Jesus in this summer’s CANADIAN BADLANDS PASSION PLAY. He’s thrilled about this and is growing out his hair and working hard on a full beard. Rehearsals start end of May, performances July 4-13 (come and check it out, 3 acre stage, 150 actors, it’s quite an amazing and powerful show). Steve’s also been working away on finishing our basement (anybody want to drywall?) and working on a number of graphic design projects (like his mom-in-law’s new life-coaching website). He also created an installation of paintings called “But Down He Reached” commissioned by Lutheran Church of Our Saviour in Calgary, where our friend Preston is a pastor (watch a little video about the installation on Preston’s blog, and see photos below).


“But Down He Reached” full view

But Down He Reached by Stephen Waldschmidt, installation commissioned by Lutheran Church of Our Saviour


“But Down He Reached” detail