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Week 1 in the life of…

Sunday, May 4th, 2008

Well, we celebrated Caleb’s one week birthday on Thursday, and finished up the last of the amazing chocolate zucchini birthday cake we made with Grammy Jenell (thanks Bekah for that recipe!). Caleb’s sleeping longer, Mommy’s not nearly as sore as she was last week, and we’re getting somewhat of a routine happening, along with having a few visitors. So here’s some more shots to sate your appetite for images of Caleb.


Uncle J was the first to visit.

Caleb & Uncle J


Caleb likes to be swaddled but seems to prefer having one hand available to suck.

Sleepy Caleb


Caleb had his first home bath (thanks Daddy!) and quite enjoyed himself, especially his towel. He also sprayed his Daddy onceĀ  he was clean & dry (check the shirt) … good timing, Caleb.

Caleb's bath

Caleb in his ducky-hoody towel

Caleb the firehose


Grandpa Andy came down to meet his first grandson…

Caleb, Grammy & Grandpa

Caleb & Grandpa Andy

Both had a long day


He does a lot of sleeping (his record is 4 hours straight one night).

Caleb lounnging on the bed

His mom sleeps on occasion, too...

Caleb snoozing


Our friends Evan and Christin came to meet Caleb.

Caleb & Dewalds


And Auntie Alli came with Caleb’s cousins McKenzie & Brynn. So much fun to have them together! (Caleb did have a video-conferencing session via Skype with his other cousin Alianna in Colorado.)

Brynn, Daddy, Caleb and Kenzie

Caleb & Auntie Alli

Brynn wanted to get real close

Kenzie kissing Caleb

Caleb & Pluim cousins

Again, thank you for your care and prayers. We are overwhelmed by God’s goodness and beauty, expressed in the wonder of this little boy. It’s hard to articulate the emotions, but tears come very easily these days. Ok, time to change a diaper. Bye for now.

Steve & Kirsten

Paparazzi at the hospital

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

Life with a newborn is a tad chaotic, apparently. So we’ve just now been able to sift through the photos from Caleb’s birth and get some up here. Thank you to lots of friends and family for the emails and the comments on this blog–it’s been so encouraging and fun to celebrate Caleb’s arrival with you.


Caleb Reece, caught and landed, on Mommy’s tummy:

Caleb at birth


Caleb on tummy


Caleb getting his first tan (under the heat lamps), with Daddy at his side:

Caleb warming up


Caleb the boxer, after making it through 3 rounds with Mommy’s uterus:

Caleb's puffy eyes


The happy, grateful and proud parents:

Suddenly family


Caleb and Mommy:

Caleb & Mommy


Caleb & Mommy again


Another shot of those cute toes:

Caleb's toes


Caleb and his Grammy Jenell, Kirsten’s other labour support person (who’s also being a HUGE help at home here):

Caleb & Grammy Jenell


Caleb & Grammy Jenell


More of Mommy & Caleb, in various moods (Caleb, I mean, Mommy had no moods whatsoever):

Mommy & Caleb


Caleb crying


Caleb & Daddy snoozing after night #2 with only 40 minutes of sleep:

Caleb snoozing with Daddy


Caleb in his brand spanking new travel digs (thanks Dirks family!):

Caleb's travel digs


Caleb sleeping in travel digs


Caleb, ready for launch:

Houston, commence countdown


Caleb, homeward bound, with celebrity life coach, Grammy Jenell:

Caleb & Grammy Jenell homeward bound


What do we do with this?

We just found this on the front step...?


Happy to be home!

We made it!


More to come, be patient…