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C.R.W. mo. 6 + Halloween

Tuesday, November 18th, 2008

The boy keeps growing. He’s nearly 20 lbs. and getting quite good with his first solid foods. Photos are here, videos to follow soon we hope… 



Caleb hung out with Ella Peterson and got to meet her parents, Glenn and Bekah. It was so great to be with them in early October, and so much fun to meet brand new little Ella. It’s hard to remember Caleb that small only several months ago! Here he is exactly twice Ella’s weight :)

 small and large sizes available

bye for now


Kirsten started back to work part-time Oct. 2, which means Steve and Caleb get some good one-on-one time almost every afternoon. The first week we all spent at a class & retreat for Kirsten’s work – partly at a beautiful retreat centre called Entheos. Caleb woke up on a walk with dad one chilly morning, and dad put his sleepy blankie on his head in lieu of a toque. Voila – Our Cabie of Entheos:

How do you solve a problem like Maria...?


Here’s Kirsten and Caleb sporting their new “Peekaroo” fleece vest in Canmore. (Good find, dad.)

anyone seen the movie Aliens?


Gramma Pam came for a great Canadian Thanksgiving visit. Harvest was done up at the farm…



Cabie loves his Gramma Pam and Grammy Jenell, but he might just get spoiled…






Lounging together…

good times


Caleb’s grown very adept at rolling himself around the room wherever he wants to go. He likes to wrap up in blankets left on the carpet, the little sausage-roll…

sweet boy 


The pumpkin we got for Halloween turned out to make a great toy.


cute enough for ya?


For Cabie’s 6 month birthday we pulled out some older baby toys he’d been given previously. Notice how he’s sitting up now – what a big boy…

very sophisticated


And time for a water break – he’s been so fascinated with watching us drink water from a glass, and as it turns out, he can do it, too. (small quantities, with lots of drippage and lip smacking)



 He’s getting more mobile daily, tipping over from sitting, rolling around to what he wants to explore. He’s getting to be a little bruiser, smashing and bashing anything he can get his hands on.



And we’re squeezing in these Halloween pic’s cause they’re, well, see for yourself…




He peed (peeed? pee-ed?) all over the first pumpkin outfit, so here’s farmer Cabie in his coveralls. Thanks for caring for us and checking the blog to celebrate Caleb’s growing life!