Caleb’s 2nd month

We’re on a roll, here’s more photos AND videos. Lots happened during Caleb’s second month, mostly in June. Here’s a sampling:


Caleb threw a party one night, sent out invitations from his new (hand-me-down) bouncy-chair:

Thanks for the hand-me-down, Pluims!


 Caleb’s cousin Alianna and Auntie Jordy came up for a visit from Colorado. Here’s Alianna at 9 months (held by Grammy), and Kirsten’s sister Jordy, both meeting Caleb for the first time:

 A new friend!



We tried to get some photos of all the Pluim family cousins (McKenzie (5), Brynn (2), Alianna, and Caleb) together but it was impossible! We finally just tossed them all on Grammy Jenell’s lap…

good kids

A clutch of grandkids


Here’s Caleb with Alianna, he’s wearing his first track suit and a pair of rattles that make him look like a boxer… 

It's the eye of the tiger... 


And here’s Caleb wearing his Father’s Day outfit:

(so's my daddy)


Ok, prepare yourselves. When Caleb started smiling, well, he sort of took our breath away–and actually made Kirsten cry. We might be slightly biased, but see what you think. We scrambled to find the camera and catch his new skill in action. He also enjoys looking in the mirror, although we’re told he won’t recognize that it’s him he’s looking at for another year.

 First day of smiles

happiness is


We were simply thrilled to see Caleb smile, and THEN he started smiling in response to us. Wow. Check out this little clip:

[quicktime width="400" height="315"][/quicktime] 

See what we mean? Here’s the little guy with his favourite toy (yay for hand-me-downs!), which he soon learned to grab and play with:



And here’s Caleb taking his first bottle with his Daddy. (Note: if you have a newborn and you’re breastfeeding, once you succeed with getting your baby to take a bottle, KEEP giving one bottle feeding per day, please, like the books say to do. Don’t do like us, where he takes the bottle easy at 6 weeks, so we figure, he’s fine, no need to keep him used to having the occasional bottle. Then two months later, dad giving a bottle while mom’s away for an evening is impossible. It’s been a week now of character-building endurance and stress, and he’s finally able to happily take a bottle again–well, sippy cup, actually–he refused all varieties of bottle/nipple configurations. So we’ll be doing one sippy cup a day from here on out.)

Not as comfy as mom, but ok.


Here’s a happy naptime with dad. For a while there, every time Daddy put Caleb down for a nap, Mommy had to come looking for him 1/2 hour later…Daddy wants to be on the same routine as Caleb!



And here’s K showing off our new lifetime supply of Bum Genius cloth diapers. Our friends Jamie & Julie recommended them to us, and we love ‘em. Haven’t had a single blow-out or diaper rash, like we did with disposables. And no filling up our landfills with non-biodegradable junk. No need to soak these suckers, just wash & dry once (extra rinse cycle), and they’re adjustable so no buying multiple sizes as baby grows. (Here’s the website of a Calgary-based Bum Genius distributor, who’s got the best price on them we’ve found, if you’re in the market for diapers.) 

diaper time! 


Here’s Caleb showing off his perfect rosebud-shaped mouth:



And Caleb was just so happy one day hanging out with mom, playing one of his favourite games where if you stick your tongue out at him, he’ll stick his tongue out and give a big smile…

smiley tongue


Then Kirsten made a bubbly sound with her lips and Caleb made a face that we’ve since come to expect when introducing something new… absolute surprise:

what the...?


He quickly decided that he loved the new bubbly sound and immediately tried to do it himself–check it out:

[quicktime width="400" height="315"][/quicktime] 

 During Caleb’s second month his daddy was rehearsing the Passion Play–what an amazing gift to be part of that show. Here’s a couple photos from the performances in July–first is the moment of Matthew the despised tax collector accepting Jesus’ call to follow him, the second is the party that followed in Matthew’s house (and yes, they dyed my hair, beard and eyebrows):


party on 

If you want to see more show photos, click here where lots of the best photos have been posted. 


And now, one more video to end this post, of Caleb enjoying his mom’s most recent composition:

[quicktime width="400" height="315"][/quicktime]  

Thanks again for supporting us with your love, emails and prayers. So long for now… 

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