Cabie’s month number 4

The month of August was full of firsts and lasts for Caleb. 

His first rodeo: The Strathmore Heritage Days Running of the Bulls and World Chuckwagon Finals. Apparently the only place outside of Pamplona, Spain, where you can run with (from) bulls, and the third largest rodeo in Canada. We’ve lived here for a number of years and FINALLY made it to the rodeo. It was a new challenge bringing the boy to the rodeo over his dinner & bedtime, but we all did pretty well. We found the running of the bulls exciting, but mostly nauseating, when three or four people got hammered and then stamped on by the last set of angry bulls (thankfully no one died, but one guy was unconscious for over an hour). We were relieved that Caleb’s eyes couldn’t focus the distance to the track so he didn’t actually see that madness… Steve carried Caleb right down by the track for the chuckwagons, and he loved watching the horses go thundering by. Here’s a couple shots of the event:


Budding rodeo clown?


Strathmore Running of the Bulls

Here’s Caleb with his cousins Brynn and McKenzie:

happy cousins


Caleb spent his last night in his co-sleeper, before moving to his crib (still in our room), and Kirsten rigged up the camera to get a shot of the whole family in bed:

 happy insomniacs?


Caleb has enjoyed sampling – well, holding and sucking – what we’ve grown in our backyard garden. Here’s a green bean:



So Caleb didn’t take well to a bottle (of expressed milk) after going a month with no bottle-feedings. Oops… But our good friends brought by a special sippy cup with a longer, soft spout on it, and Caleb loved it. What a relief! (Or was it his dad’s t-shirt?) So he’s gone straight to a sippy cup, and we’ve been giving him one feed per day with that cup ever since. Here’s a photo of that first sippy cup – after two days of trying every variety of bottle/nipple configuration with a screaming baby:

what a big boy!


Caleb is outgrowing various things every few days, it seems. Here’s his last day in one of our favourite summer rompers. He’s outgrowing the kitchen sink for baths, too. 

Surfer Duck!

sooo big!


It finally got cold enough to wear this very Canadian track suit:

happy hoody 

happy traveller 


Here’s a view of our front yard and the amazing flowers we (Kirsten mostly) got to grow in it:

happy home


We found a great jogging stroller at a garage sale for only 40 bucks, and Steve and Caleb have had some good bonding time with it…

 a chilly August morning


We spent a few days up at the farm with Kirsten’s family, after she preached at the church she grew up in. Caleb celebrated his 4-month birthday! Here’s Grammy Jenell giving the trusty sippy cup: 



The cousins were practicing being moms to their babies:

good babies!


McKenzie discovered she can make Caleb laugh (along with the rest of us):

[quicktime width="400" height="315"][/quicktime] 


Caleb enjoyed the hand-me-down bumbo seat, even if it only lasted four day before he figured out how to arch his back and squeeze out of it…

yay bumbo!


We had a couple cold-weather outfits for the boy that he was too big for, so we stuck him in them for a photo-op. Bear cub and elf-boy:


baby Legolas?



Here he is with Grandpa, sucking a cucumber fresh from the farm garden: 



He got the nickname Cabie from his two-year old cousin Brynn. Here’s a little video – man, kids are so much fun!

[quicktime width="400" height="315"][/quicktime] 


 And last but not least, Caleb learned to roll over this month! But whenever Kirsten pulled out the camera to catch it on tape, he seemed to forget how and just, well, you’ll see…

[quicktime width="400" height="315"][/quicktime] 


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