Calebcito cinco mes

Well, now that Caleb’s turned 6 months old, we’re finally getting his 5th month posted. First off, here’s the boy in his flopsy ballcap: 



It finally got chilly enough for Cabie to wear his fleecy carrot outfit, and Kirsten was digging in the garden that day, too.

what's up doc?

who, me? 

cutie carrot top


Now, he loves his bouncy chair and had a little wrestling match, and the music by Esquivel just fit…

 [quicktime width="400" height="315"][/quicktime]  

We’ve got a budding musician on our hands. He loves banging on the keys:



i can read music!


So the night of Caleb’s birth, Steve’s mom left us a voicemail, which we’ve saved for months, so Caleb could hear it:

  [quicktime width="400" height="315"][/quicktime] 


We’ve sung him that song quite a bit, too. Now here’s him in his union-suit: 

ready for winter? 


And in a onesie from his Aunt Elizabeth and Uncle Andy who live in Brooklyn:

whazzup, homie?


A new thing this month is his jolly-jumper, which he loves – here he is the first time in it:

I'm a natural


And later, showing off his vertical:

mexican jumping carrot?


And to go out with a… plié:

[quicktime width="400" height="315"][/quicktime]


(the ending was Kirsten’s idea, and yes that low roar is Caleb’s voice) 

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  1. Megan Bradford Says:

    Eli (my four-year-old) and I thoroughly enjoyed the videos of Caleb. Eli was just laughing and laughing. He is such a cutie!!

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