Cabie’s first Christmas (month 9)

I know what you’re thinking, two posts in one week? Yep. We’re catching up. Someday we’ll post some videos. Emphasis on SOMEday. So we celebrated Christmas with Caleb for the first time! We were with the Waldschmidts in Cleveland. But first, Kirsten led the Christmas Eve services at Hope. We hung fabric from the rafters and lit up the Jesus manger, alike so: 



Early Christmas morning we hopped on a plane, another first for Caleb. (The captain had the seat belt sign on.)

where are we? 


We got there in time for Christmas dinner:

uncle Brian's taking it


Auntie Elizabeth getting some good Cabie-time.

yay Aunt Elizard!


After dinner Caleb opened some presents, eventually. We spaced them out over a few days.



Here’s Uncle Andy getting the chow going:



Caleb enjoyed waking his Uncle Brian every morning.

wakey wakey


Here’s a delightful cuddly bear outfit from Aunt E and Uncle A:



Caleb’s still been napping in his swaddle-me wrap — this is after a nap when he didn’t break free (which is unusual):



 Caleb got a cute fuzzy bunny from Grandpa Dave. He enjoyed his fuzzy Grandpa, too.


hey gramps

tug of war?


Here’s Gramma Pam playing the running game:

running running running


Caleb got fed by everybody… what were mealtimes like before this entertainment?


 open wider, gramps


We flew home on Dec 30, just in time for a visit from Grandpa Andy and Grammy Jenell. We all went swimmin’!




Caleb likes his ring stacker – here he’s practicing his balancing again.

I'm an angel 


Caleb cut his third tooth just before leaving Cleveland. He still enjoys his bouncy chair, it makes a great teether now.

gnaw, gnaw



Showin’ off scrubs from Uncle (Dr.) Brian’s hospital at UCSF:




 More gnawing (he has 8 teeth as of Feb 9th), and “ooo” is a favourite expression…

refreshing and delicious



First sled-ride, and his first car – both Christmas gifts from our church.


beep beep


Another laundry-lover moment:



And we’ll close with our family photo from Christmas. Thanks for loving Caleb and supporting us in this stretching journey as new parents!

Happy Christmas from the 3 of us! 

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