Month 10 for Cae-Dog

More photos from months ago. Digging out of enormous digital pile of photos and videos. Hoping to get this more up to date by 2010. Here’s the celebrity wanting to eat on his own. A messy business… 



At Christmas Caleb had 3 teeth. As of February 9, he had 8. Crazy.

time to chew!


He learned to cross his fingers by himself. Seriously. (He’s brilliant.)

would you trust him?


The first mohawk.

oh yeah



Cabie’s got a fascination with pots, pans, and all things culinary. His favourite toy is the salad spinner. And when Steve has to cook, and Caleb HAS to see what’s going on up on the stove or else he’s a screaming mess, sometimes it’s easier to let him look over Daddy’s shoulder.

ride 'em, chef-boy! 


 more to come…

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