Caleb’s first film gig

So Caleb will be 6 weeks old in two days. Wow. His newborn days are almost over and he’s turning into a real, live baby boy. (Ok, he’s been that for a while.) Kirsten and I continue to be amazed by the the experience of parenthood–he’s like a new moon creating powerful tides that pull our hearts in quite a delightful way. What a miracle human life is.

I’m two weeks into rehearsals for the Passion Play–another huge experience. To be working out in space and text on a 4 acre outdoor stage what was going through Jesus’ mind and heart is so good. What an opportunity. We’re playing with the idea that, as a part of emptying himself of his full powers as God, Jesus didn’t really plan ahead or even know very much more than any other person in 1st century Palestine, but improvised his life in fellowship with the Father. As Leslie Newbigin wrote, he had no personal agenda, planned no career or image, but “simply responded in loving obedience to the will of his Father as it was presented to him in all the accidents, contingencies, and interruptions of daily life.” So it’s all about relationship with his Abba, through the power of the Spirit, as he said, he was only doing and saying what he saw and heard his Abba doing and saying. Even the healings then aren’t from Jesus himself, but they come as he prays for his Abba to intervene, and then he thanks his Father for hearing him. It’s thrilling to work on as an actor.

Now, what you’ve all been waiting for (maybe). We’ve got a very basic video camera function on our digital camera and I’ve finally gotten time to learn how to edit and produce web-ready videos. So here’s the first:

Caleb awakes!

[quicktime width="400" height="320"][/quicktime]

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2 Responses to “Caleb’s first film gig”

  1. gilliebean Says:

    I’m tearing up! He is SOOO cute!

  2. Preston Says:

    What a stud-muffin! This would make a great demo-reel for some hearty sleep medication commercial. I love those droopy wake-up eyes!

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