Caleb’s 1st Photoshoot

Hey friends, It’s been way too long since our last post. Steve’s been playing Jesus and being a dad, and Kirsten’s been doing everything else plus working up to 8 hours a day just doing the nursing part of being “mom.”  We just got back from a wonderful trip to South Dakota for Steve’s brother Andy’s wedding. Caleb got to meet his Grandpa Waldschmidt, his Uncle Brian, Aunt Elizabeth and Uncle Andy. He also went for his first camping trip with Kirsten’s sister and brother-in-law and their 11-month-old, who drove up from Colorado with a tent trailer. This was his first time meeting Uncle Garrett, too. Who knows how long you’ll have to wait to see photos from the trip? (hopefully not long)But to celebrate Caleb’s 3-month birthday (today), here’s some photos we took when Caleb was 3 weeks old. We call it The Photoshoot. Enjoy…



quite the grip


Little footsies:

cuddly toes



with love 


Hi Daddy

nice beard

I like you 


Fuzzy smooch



Mommy’s arms

so comfy

just chillin' 


Mommy’s shoulder

I can hold my head up!

 you lookin at me?

tasty t-shirt


Visionary baby

I can see it all now...


Basket of love

Special delivery?

Pretty, please?


 Little monkey

may I have a banana?

 just hangin' out


 An oblation

one of Daddy's favourite words 


 Thanks for your continued prayers and emails. Caleb is really doing well, so healthy and so much fun. (Wait till you see him smile!)  Although we won’t want to drive 14 hours again with him real soon, even spread over 3 days on the way home it was taxing. We’ll tell you about it soon. And about the Passion Play, too. But we gotta go have some birthday cake and hit the sack. Ciao!

Steve and Kirsten 

2 Responses to “Caleb’s 1st Photoshoot”

  1. gilliebean Says:

    Lovely photos! Handsome baby! Very red beard!

  2. Cristin S. Says:

    Bebe hermoso!

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